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    Do you create amazing content on YouTube, Twitch or any other content platform?

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    Do you have a loyal audience of followers who love playing games?

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and give them the best deals - directly approved by the official publishers!


An official authorised partner

Unlike other marketplaces, 2Game is an official partner of the game publishers. This means your channel reputation will be stellar and we will empower you with better offers, directly approved by the official game publishers!

Best Commission on the market

You will get a 10% commission from each sale through your reflink. But there is more! You will receive a personal discount code that your followers can use to get games even cheaper! For each sale with your promocode you will get 5% comission - no matter who used it and if he came through your reflink. This empowers you to make much more money than with any other partnership - and it is forever!

Personal Account Manager

We have an individual approach towards our partners. You will have a personal account manager, who will make sure you have everything you need, will keep you updated with the newest promotions, will brainstorm with you for special offers for your followers and will help you along the way!

Flat Salary

Do you enjoy playing games and creating content for a living? We want to support content creators and allow them to make a living doing what they love! For people with a large loyal audience we offer a flat monthly salary, so you can keep doing what you’re best at, without worrying for paying the bills!

Additional Budget from Publishers

For big content creators we can work out deals with the publishers and get additional marketing budget for their game promotions - that can go directly to you!

Banners & Artwork for your channels

We have everything prepared for you so that your promotions can look professional!

Payments Quick Payments
Key Free key giveaways & Earliest access to new games
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Promo Weekly updates with offers and new promotions

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